What to do if reusable blocks aren’t showing up on WordPress

Reusable blocks are a very useful feature of the Gutenberg block editor on WordPress. I use them on just about all of my WordPress-based websites. On Lia & Liam I use them for recipe and nutrition information (see this recipe for brownies as an example) and on this very website I use them for the headers.

However, there is an issue I’ve experienced when creating reusable blocks. That issue makes them unusable because they don’t show up in the editor. This can be quite frustrating and it took me longer than I care to admit solving this problem. After deactivating and reactivating a bunch of plugins, I’ve finally discovered the culprit: It’s my caching plugin.

I use LiteSpeed Cache on my websites as my web host supports it. On the whole I really like LiteSpeed. Unfortunately, I discovered that LiteSpeed was hiding recently added reusable blocks.

Luckily, there is an easy fix for this issue. And you don’t have to remove or uninstall any plugins whatsoever. 

How to make reusable blocks reappear

Here’s what you have to do if reusable blocks don’t show up in WordPress. I’m using Chrome in this example but the same should also work for Firefox or other browsers.

Visit your website and hit F12 on your keyboard. A panel should appear on the right-hand side of your Chrome window. From there select Application at the top of said panel. In the left-hand menu select Clear storage. Then simply hit the Clear site data button. You can close this panel by hitting the F12 key again.

Once you refresh your website you will have to log in again. Once logged in your reusable blocks should appear.

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Liam Alexander Colman has been working with GeneratePress for over two years and has built countless WordPress websites using it. In his personal setting, Liam maintains six websites. While not a developer, he has created innumerable GeneratePress Elements and is well versed in customizing the theme to his liking. Visit this link for more information and a showcase of his work.

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    • No problem. It’s such a small thing but it was driving me nuts – I just had to write about it because I found nothing when I was experiencing this issue.


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