Welcome to GeneratePress Guides

GeneratePress is, in my humble opinion, the best WordPress theme out there. Not only is it lightweight and fast but also highly customizable. GeneratePress is the theme I use on all of my websites. And because I’ve been using GeneratePress for such a long time I consider myself fairly well versed in its use.

Just like any other WordPress theme, GeneratePress is constantly evolving and adding new features. But unlike other themes, GeneratePress gets faster with each update and never adds unnecessary bloat to your website. GeneratePress doesn’t come with any required plugins which could slow down your site. It can sometimes be difficult to stay up-to-date and that is where I try to help with my GeneratePress guides. I will also show you how you can customize the GeneratePress theme to your liking.

Speeding up Shared Counts

This guide will show you how to use Shared Counts’ filters to further speed up the plugin and reduce the amount of JavaScript and CSS that is loaded.