About Liam Alexander Colman

As long as I can remember, I was drawn to technology. With that came the urge to build websites on just about anything I could think of. One I distinctly remember was a Southpark fan site which was online for two months at most. They weren’t good, by any stretch of the imagination. However, a friend of mine and I did manage to win an award with a cash price at some point during our teens.

Many years have passed since then and I’ve moved on to bigger projects, including the website you’re currently browsing. I blogged on my personal website sporadically and had a few other projects on the go. At some point I also started a YouTube channel, which features videos guides on how to build a website with GeneratePress.

The issue with my blog was that it covered too many projects. It featured articles on Lightroom Classic, Premiere Pro, GeneratePress, Unraid, and more. After having launched my first niche website, Home Assistant Guide, I realized that that was the way to go. I started striping out content from my blog and created dedicated websites. GeneratePress Guides is one of those websites.

My GeneratePress Showcase

Lia & Liam

Lia & Liam is a food and adventure blog started by my better half and me which uses GeneratePress as its WordPress theme. It started out as a website built using Squarespace and after many months of frustration finally started using WordPress. The migration wasn’t all smooth sailing as practically every recipe and article had to be manually copied and pasted in to the WordPress editor. Luckily, there wasn’t as much content on the website as there is today.

GeneratePress wasn’t the first WordPress used by Lia & Liam and after the switch to WordPress was made, a page-builder was used. Details on the mistakes that were made have been detailed in my comparison of WordPress and Squarespace. Today the website is very mature and uses many of the features offered by GeneratePress Premium: The footers and sidebars have been created using block elements, the navigation menu was designed using the colour module, and hooks are used to place ads before and after articles.

Other plugins Lia & Liam heavily uses are GenerateBlocks, WP Show Posts, Shared Counts, and Code Snippets. No child has been used to build the website and only very minimal custom CSS is used. Currently only AdSense finances this website.

Home Assistant Guide

Home Assistant guide is a website on the open-source software Home Assistant. It was built to be as fast and clean as possible and thus, no other theme but GeneratePress was considered. There aren’t any images on the front-page and only a minimum number of plugins are used. The plugins that are used are mostly described on GeneratePress Guides: WP Show Posts, GenerateBlocks, Shared Counts, and SEOPress.

In the past months, Home Assistant Guide has seen a surge in visitors. As there are Amazon Affiliate links placed throughout the articles and a few AdSense ads, it has been covering its costs.

GeneratePress Guides

The website you are currently visiting is obviously also built with GeneratePress and uses modules from GeneratePress Premium.